Who we are

Who are we?

Basking Lizards is an online store that sells specialized supplies for lizards, made up of passionate reptile hobbyists that have been keeping various reptiles for over 10 years. We are deeply devoted to all our animals, so when we came up with the idea of creating an online store, we promised ourselves, and all of our customers, that we would only sell products that we use ourselves and trust. We also wanted to provide a reliable and complete information source, as this is just as -- if not more than -- important than simply providing a line of products. Because our experience is limited to lizards and snakes, we decided to specialize in lizards.

Why lizards?

Because they're just so darn cute! But seriously, lizards have very specific husbandry needs and interact much more with their environment, so raising them proves to be much more challenging than keeping snakes. Creating a habitat is more involved as lizards usually need much more space and demand a more natural-feeling environment, which often means using some form of substrate, branches, special lighting, automated watering systems, and other terrarium accessories to stimulate normal behavior and minimize stress.

The fact that we specialize in lizard husbandry means that we are able to provide a better information source. Every product in our store comes with a detailed description of how that product should be used, to eliminate a lot of frustrating guess work. "What type of basking lamp should I use? What wattage? Should I use a nighttime heat source?" We provide the answers!

Our exclusive Freshness Guarantee

We are proud to offer this exclusive service! All our foods and supplements include an expiration date right on our site, so you know you are getting the freshest product possible... unlike the containers at the pet store that have about an inch of dust on them! If a product is about to expire, it is pulled off our shelves. Yet another great reason to bask with us!