By hobbyists, for hobbyists

Being hobbyists ourselves, we understand the needs of our customers well. Moreover, we are extremely selective about what products we carry in our store because, let's face it, there are several products out there marketed for reptiles that are not necessarily useful or even safe for reptiles. Every product we carry is either something we have used ourselves for several years with our own lizards, or something we have thoroughly researched for safety, quality and usefulness when it comes to lizard husbandry. Simply said, if it's not something we would use for our own lizards, we simply will not carry it in our store. Sorry, no heat rocks allowed beyond this point...

We think you will enjoy this approach to shopping as you will be assured that whatever you buy for your lizard will not only be useful and safe, but also beneficial to your pet. Whether you are new to the hobby or a wise veteran, you will surely appreciate not having to feed the box of useless products you undoubtedly have stashed in a closet or under your bed... You do have one of those, right? If you don't, you will most likely end up with one if you shop elsewhere.

We hope you will enjoy basking in our store. If you're unsure of what you should get for your lizard, please contact us. We will gladly try and help!